App Now in 14 Countries and Counting!

Besides the USA, somewhere in France, Australia, Belgium, China, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada and the United Kingdom there are people playing Common Ground on thousands of iOS devices. It looks great on any iPhone, even better on an iPad! What a far cry from the 5 iPhones it could be found on during testing and… [Read More]

Common Ground: A 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor

Great News! Mensa accepted Common Ground as a 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor in Austin, Texas, April 18-20. For those unfamiliar with Mensa, it is an organization with 57,000 members throughout the US, who have scored in the top 2% on standardized intelligence tests. In other words, they’re a quite bright group of people. At the Mind Games competition, members… [Read More]