“All in the Family”

Common Ground and crossword puzzles are cousins. Other family relatives include Hangman, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble. Why? Each and every one of these challenges requires the player to complete a word or phrase while supplied with few or no letters. In a crossword, you begin with an empty grid, but as each square is filled to complete a response… [Read More]

Delco News Network Article

We’re getting some publicity – little by little, the word is getting out! Here’s a link to another recent article about Common Ground, published by the DelcoNewsNetwork and written by Peg DeGrassa.   http://t.co/z7IPeZJyvB Enjoy!   – “CG Daddy”

On Store Shelves

The board game version of Common Ground is always available for sale through our website, but each day we are adding more game shops across the country where Common Ground is available for purchase. We welcome the fine folks at the shops listed below to our growing list of partners, and invite you to visit them. It is there that… [Read More]