He Likes It! He Likes It!

We could not be more thrilled to read Joe Edley’s recent post of the following comment to WGPO (Word Game Player’s Organization group on Yahoo!)  He said, ” I don’t know Doug (CG Daddy) and he didn’t ask me for an endorsement, but I checked out the puzzle game and I like it.  It’s cool and combines aspects of both trivia an the well-known”license plate” game.  I think a lot of scrabblers would enjoy it occasionally.  Haven’t seen the game, just the puzzle, which you can check out for yourself at the link.  – Joe Edley

Well, thank you Joe!  Coming from you, that means a lot to us. We believe our puzzle called the “Daily Challenge” has a lot to offer, and we’re glad you like it! We also want you to know that the board game and mobile app for iPhone and iPad offer even more to like. Those versions are designed for competing with other players.

Readers Note: For those unfamiliar with Joe Edley, he is one of the top rated Scrabble players in the world, an expert consultant to the National Scrabble Association and their former long-time Director of Tournaments and Clubs. He has also authored numerous books related to Scrabble and word games, and appears in several documentaries about Scrabble championships including Word Wars, Scrabylon and The Lettermen.  

— “CG Daddy”


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