How To Play: Daily Challenge

For each item in the left hand category you try to think of an item in the right hand category that contains an identical sequence of letters. The sequence can be anywhere within the word or words. In the sample puzzle below, some valid responses are already displayed, however there are many other possibilities that would also be acceptable. The goal is to find the longest response possible for each one.

“LINDA” is a response to “LINCOLN.” (L I N) and scores 3 points. You might have typed “CONNIE” (C O) as a response for “LINCOLN” which would have scored 2 points, while “COLLEEN” (C O L) would score 3. Note that those responses are found within, rather than at the beginning. It’s up to you to find the longest response that you can, anywhere within.

You will notice that in the actual puzzle your typed responses are scored automatically and along the way you will receive encouraging comments and prompts in the dark green area at the bottom. The minimum sequence is 2 letters in a row and you are only permitted one response per item given. Your responses can be changed at any time  by simply typing a new one in the appropriate box. The SUPERB score value varies with each puzzle and is displayed at the bottom of the puzzle. Typically all 5 responses need to be worth 3 points or more to reach that level. The number in parentheses next to each item given represents the number of letters in a row needed for that particular item, to reach the SUPERB score. Think you’ve got it?  Try the current Daily Challenge now. 

TIP:  You can navigate through up to 30 previous puzzles by clicking on  “<—Previous Puzzle” and “Next Puzzle —>” indicators at the bottom of each Daily Challenge.