How to Play: Puzzle Book

Packed with 50 challenging puzzles, this pocket-size puzzle book will keep you entertained in the non-digital environment. Enjoy solving at your leisure. It is the perfect companion for that morning coffee break, relaxing at the beach, passing the time on a train or airplane trip.

Take a look at the accompanying sample puzzle, then read more below:

Common Ground puzzle book sample page

Book Puzzle  page v

There are two categories shown, one in each column. The left hand category has five items shown. For each item shown, the goal is to think of an item from the right hand category that contains the same sequence of letters.

  • Items can consist of a word or phrase.
  • The minimum sequence is two letters and the letters must be consecutive.
  • All five responses must be different.
  • Each letter counts for one point. When scoring, only count letters – ignore spaces, hyphens or other symbols.

Each puzzle has three scoring levels: Good, Great and Superb. To reach the Superb level you will need to come up with five answers that have three or more letters in sequence. In the puzzle shown, “MARY” would be a good response for “TRUMAN” as “MA” is in sequence and it would score 2 points. However, “TRUDY” would be a better response as “TRU” would score 3 points.

Give it a try and enjoy! In the actual puzzle books, answers can be found on the reverse side of each puzzle page.

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