Board Games – Gifts That Keep On Giving

What gift can provide unlimited hours of fun for years to come? One great answer is a board game. Think about it. Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, or Backgammon, just to name a few, are games that you purchase once and can enjoy for a lifetime of game nights. This holiday season, think about giving a gift that lasts long after the… [Read More]

Common Ground Sponsors Public Radio’s “A Way with Words”

Common Ground – the word game that tests your wits to see if you have “a way with letters” is now a proud sponsor of A Way with Words an upbeat and lively hour-long public radio show about language examined through history, culture, and family. The show is broadcast in 29 states and heard by more than a quarter-million listeners each week… [Read More]

App Now in 14 Countries and Counting!

Besides the USA, somewhere in France, Australia, Belgium, China, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada and the United Kingdom there are people playing Common Ground on thousands of iOS devices. It looks great on any iPhone, even better on an iPad! What a far cry from the 5 iPhones it could be found on during testing and… [Read More]

Common Ground: A 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor

Great News! Mensa accepted Common Ground as a 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor in Austin, Texas, April 18-20. For those unfamiliar with Mensa, it is an organization with 57,000 members throughout the US, who have scored in the top 2% on standardized intelligence tests. In other words, they’re a quite bright group of people. At the Mind Games competition, members… [Read More]

“All in the Family”

Common Ground and crossword puzzles are cousins. Other family relatives include Hangman, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble. Why? Each and every one of these challenges requires the player to complete a word or phrase while supplied with few or no letters. In a crossword, you begin with an empty grid, but as each square is filled to complete a response… [Read More]

Delco News Network Article

We’re getting some publicity – little by little, the word is getting out! Here’s a link to another recent article about Common Ground, published by the DelcoNewsNetwork and written by Peg DeGrassa. Enjoy!   – “CG Daddy”

On Store Shelves

The board game version of Common Ground is always available for sale through our website, but each day we are adding more game shops across the country where Common Ground is available for purchase. We welcome the fine folks at the shops listed below to our growing list of partners, and invite you to visit them. It is there that… [Read More]

Welcoming New Places to Play Common Ground

We are delighted that Common Ground has been added to the library of board games featured at these terrific neighborhood gathering spots: The Brooklyn Strategist  – 333 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY The Seed  – 52 N. Queen St. Lancaster, PA Angela’s Cafe  –  835 Brackbill Rd. Gap, PA Burlap & Bean Coffee – 204 S Newtown Street Rd, Newtown Square, PA… [Read More]