He Likes It! He Likes It!

We could not be more thrilled to read Joe Edley’s recent post of the following comment to WGPO (Word Game Player’s Organization group on Yahoo!)  He said, ” I don’t know Doug (CG Daddy) and he didn’t ask me for an endorsement, but I checked out the puzzle game and I like it.  It’s cool and combines aspects of both… [Read More]

New “How To” Video Debuts

Ready to finally say, “Oh, now I get it!”? Things are often more easily understood when they’re explained by a human being, so if you don’t like reading instructions, we offer a new video that simply explains how to find Common Ground. Meet Kate, our spokeswoman. She’s available 24/7 to “walk you through” the basics in a very brief, straight-forward… [Read More]

Board Games – Hardly Old-fashioned

With sizable growth over the last 4 years, and sales of $2.2 billion recorded in 2011, board games are very much alive and kicking! While they may seem “old school” in comparison to the onslaught of mobile games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz, the staying power of board games can likely be attributed to how they provide a far… [Read More]

A Game for Your Brain

START THINKING! Don’t you agree the world is ready for a great new game that requires a little brain power. With so many mindless game offerings currently out there, the time is right to move to a higher level of sophistication with Common Ground. You have a choice: Continue with throwing angry birds at green pigs and allowing your mind… [Read More]

Using Google Before Submitting a Response in the App Version — Is it Cheating?

Common Ground was designed with the expectation that Google (or any other online reference resource) could be used as a means to verify responses as valid. We now realize that there are players who Google long text strings contained in the item given, hoping to find the lengthiest match possible. We have no problem with this method of play as… [Read More]

Version 2.2 Just Released ! ! !

2:23 AM – October 14, 2013  Just approved by Apple! – Common Ground version 2.2  is now available in the App Store and through iTunes. Right away you will notice the displays conform to whatever iOS is installed on your phone. We prefer the sleek new look of iOS 7! But even if you haven’t upgraded, you will experience improved… [Read More]