It’s More Fun To Compete!

There are currently 230,886,578 Apple Game Center ID’s in existence. That’s right – nearly a quarter billion screen names! Do you have one? If not, you’re missing out on the added fun of competing head-to-head. Play in real time with a friend, or take your turn when you feel like it. You’ll be notified when you have a turn waiting.… [Read More]

Exciting News from CG HQ!

The iOS version of the mobile app was released 9.23.13. Download it now for FREE! It’s available in Apple’s App Store or through iTunes. App includes a “pass & play” mode, 2 solitaire-style modes, and, best of all, you can now compete in the Head-to-Head mode against other CG fans anywhere in the world via Apple’s Game Center. The app… [Read More]

On the Horizon

Exciting new territory is on tap for Common Ground in the coming months. The iOS version of the mobile app is due to launch this week and manufacturing of the board game version is finally underway. It is expected to be on sale sometime in November. The Book of Puzzles Vol. 1 is available today. These milestones have been a… [Read More]