Using Google Before Submitting a Response in the App Version — Is it Cheating?

Common Ground was designed with the expectation that Google (or any other online reference resource) could be used as a means to verify responses as valid. We now realize that there are players who Google long text strings contained in the item given, hoping to find the lengthiest match possible. We have no problem with this method of play as long as both opponents agree to it. It can be a fun alternative to the expected way to play, but clearly, if only one player is doing so, then they would have an unfair advantage. We suggest that opponents agree to the terms of the game before initiating play. Although your performance in this manner will generate an extremely high average, it only means that you have excellent search skills, and does not indicate you are a good at finding Common Ground by relying solely on your brain and wits.  — “CG Daddy”

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