Love this game! Surprisingly challenging. Would recommend and play again!
2014 Mensa Mind Games Competitor

“All in the Family”

Common Ground and crossword puzzles are cousins. Other family relatives include Hangman, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble. Why? Each and every one of these challenges requires the player to complete a word or phrase while supplied with few or no letters. In a crossword, you begin with an empty grid, but as each square is filled to complete a response… [Read More]

A Game for Your Brain

START THINKING! Don’t you agree the world is ready for a great new game that requires a little brain power. With so many mindless game offerings currently out there, the time is right to move to a higher level of sophistication with Common Ground. You have a choice: Continue with throwing angry birds at green pigs and allowing your mind… [Read More]

Guess Which Now-Famous Board Game Took 20 Years to Catch On

Alfred M. Butts was unemployed when he invented a board game. (So was I.) The first players were: himself along with his wife and friends. (Same here.) He was a fan of crosswords. (Just like me.) For 20 years, his game was rejected by major game manufacturers as “unmarketable.” But he kept the faith (just like me), and continued producing… [Read More]