Common Ground: A 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor

Great News! Mensa accepted Common Ground as a 2014 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor in Austin, Texas, April 18-20. For those unfamiliar with Mensa, it is an organization with 57,000 members throughout the US, who have scored in the top 2% on standardized intelligence tests. In other words, they’re a quite bright group of people. At the Mind Games competition, members serving as judges played and rated each of the only 56 games that met the precise requirements to be considered for one of the most prestigious game competitions in the nation. Games were judged on originality (structure, concept, creativity), game play (enjoyment, excitement, challenge), play value (repeatability, longevity, price), aesthetics (look, feel, style) and instructions (brevity, clarity, completeness). We provided 7 copies of the game and 10 extra sets of rules in hopes of being named one of 5 winners permitted to use the Mensa Select Seal on packaging and advertisements for their game. Although we didn’t win, we did receive 115 ratings/comment cards, many of which were highly favorable. Some of the nice things players had to say were: “Really fun game!” “Love this game!” “Enjoyed it a lot!” “Surprisingly challenging- would recommend and play again.”  “A very fun game. I really enjoy word games and this game was unique amongst that category.” “Entertaining, fun game with clear instructions.”

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