Daily Challenge – Now Available by Free Subscription

You can now subscribe to Common Ground’s Daily Challenge and have the puzzle sent directly to your inbox. The interactive word puzzle can be solved on any device by simply typing each response in the appropriate box. All puzzles have a clever title that relates to the categories offered and we hope it will help start your day with a smile. Then, take your time solving it. Just like a crossword puzzle, some responses may come quickly, others may take some more thought, but either way, all intended answers are quite familiar in the realm of general knowledge. The goal is to score enough points to be “Superb.” In many cases, there are several acceptable answers, so just like the board game, each player can bring a different valid response to the table. Of course, the longer the response, the higher you score!

If you would like to begin receiving the Daily Challenge, all you need to do is fill out this form and provide your email address. Rest assured that we do not use your email for any other purpose and it will not be shared with any third party (we dislike that, too.) You may also easily unsubscribe at any time. We hope you enjoy it and will start making the Daily Challenge a great addition to your morning crossword, Sudoku, or whatever puzzle you do on your coffee break or commute.

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