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4 Modes: Play with friends or solo!

Play CG with a friend, anywhere in the world, or practice on your own. The Common Ground game app for iPhone lets you choose from 4 different modes of play. Solitaire modes are cool, but it's even more fun to compete! It plays like “Words with Friends” where you are notified when it's your turn. Challenge your family and friends and have some fun! Check the app's leaderboard to see where you rank in the standings.

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Product Description

Note: Game can be played on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as an iPhone app.

Please note: When downloading for iPad, select and search iPhone apps, to download the free app to your iPad. It does not appear as an iPad app but plays fine, and looks fantastic on the iPad, but you must download it as an iPhone app. It’s fun, and best of all, it’s FREE! Enjoy!